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Subject: Formal Call for Nominations

Members of the XSLT-Conformance mail list:

Please find below the formal Call for Nominations.  The deadline date is 
two weeks from today: May 29, 2000.

I have cc'ed the ACTC to make them aware of our intentions.  Due to tight 
time schedules between the final date for responding to this Call for 
Nominations, and the first face-to-face meetings, we will need to request 
quick action from the ACTC to help us cross the t's and dot the i's 
regarding formal formation.  I think we can proceed with our face-to-face 
on June 5th even if the paperwork isn't back yet from the ACTC since the 
formalities of membership commitment will have passed an acceptable time 

I look forward to seeing your commitment to our process as a voting member 
posted to the list.  Remember if you think your attendance and contribution 
will not be steady, then you should just stay a member of the mail list and 
not ask to become a voting member.  We will have difficulty reaching quorum 
if voting members sign up and cannot make meetings.  Mail list members can 
still contribute to the mail list discussion, all they can't do is vote on 

Thank you!

.................. Ken


        The OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Technical Committee is being formed
        to develop and publish the OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Report.

        G. Ken Holman has agreed to serve as chair of the
        proposed committee.

        The proposed deliverables of the TC are as follows (subject to

        (1) - entire report content in XML (normative)
        (2) - package of entire suite of associated test files,
              result files, and catalogue in XML (normative)
        (3) - report configuration document model in XML (normative)
        (4) - sample human-legible rendition(s) of report in
              HTML (non-normative)
        (5) - sample machine-legible rendition(s) of report in
              XML (non-normative)

        In the year following its proposed formation, the TC is
        expected to meet as follows (subject to minor adjustment
        with member agreement; some dates are associated with
        industry conferences and need to be coordinated); Sun
        Microsystems having agreed to provide phone conference

          June 5, 2000 Washington DC  - face-to-face (at NIST)
          July 6, 2000                - teleconference
          Sept XML World, Boston      - face-to-face/teleconference
          Oct XML One Fall, San Jose  - face-to-face (at Sun)
          Nov 8, 2000                 - teleconference
          Dec XML'2000, Washington DC - face-to-face
          Jan 2001                    - teleconference

        Upon startup, the TC will consist of a set of voting members
        and a set of non-voting observers.  The voting members will
        be those who have been appointed by the ACTC from among
        persons nominating themselves in response to this call.
        Note that voting members must be able to promise attendance
        at meetings in order to meet quorum requirements.
        Therefore, OASIS members wishing to track and comment upon
        the work of the TC in the mailing list but not to attend its
        meetings regularly should subscribe to the mailing list but
        not apply for voting membership.

        Members of this list willing to commit to voting participation
        in the OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Technical Committee
        are hereby requested to respond to this list no later than
        May 29, 2000 with the following statement:

           I agree with the purpose of the XSLT/XPath Conformance TC
           as stated above.

           I understand that OASIS technical committees regularly
           meet in person or by phone and that participation in the
           XSLT/XPath Conformance TC will require me to attend most
           of its meetings.

           Based on the estimated meeting schedule given above, I
           certify that I have the means and the interest to attend
           such meetings and that I intend to do so.

           I understand that the TC cannot transact business in the
           absence of a quorum or take action by mail ballot without
           the active participation of its members and that
           therefore failure to attend meetings and vote in mail
           ballots will result in my removal from the committee.  I
           promise to submit a letter of resignation to the chair or
           chairs of the committee if in the future I find myself
           unable to participate actively in its work.

           [email address]
           [phone number]

G. Ken Holman
Crane Softwrights Ltd.
OASIS Contributor Member

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