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Subject: Re: Request for creation for the Interoperability/Conformance TC

Norbert Mikula wrote:
> Having heard Norm and Terry saying that we can not
> vote by e-mail, I propose an actc phone conference
> for Thursday May 25th, 11am PST. Further details will
> be provided.

Unfortunately, I'm not available for telcons on May 25th.

(I have to say that I find this extreme attachment to a document written
at the dawn of civilization irritating in the extreme; and given the latitude
it gives small committees [such as this one] when it comes to some other
practices, I would have expected that it would give them also the latitude
to decide on voting procedures that go beyond what was originally


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> Chief Technical Officer/OASIS
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> From: Terry Allen [mailto:tallen@sonic.net]
> Sent: Monday, May 22, 2000 4:07 PM
> To: actc@oasis-open.org; Norbert@datachannel.com; tallen@sonic.net
> Subject: RE: Request for creation for the Interoperability/Conformance
> TC
> Actually, I think Norm is right; the issue that arose from discussion
> in the PAC is that the motion must be made in a properly convened
> meeting (if it were, then you could probably get away with email
> under our present bylaws).  That's why we had a quick teleconf
> for Docbook 4.0 (even if it was a day or two earlier than it
> turned out would have been optimal ...).
> regards, Terry

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