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Subject: Re: XML.org SC mtg Oct.14 and possibly 15th

As I mentioned in the agenda I sent around a couple of days ago, I would
like the group to consider the XML.org roadmap for the next 6 months, 12
months, and 24 months. This will help concretely fix some of the ideas and
assumptions that we have been working with.

Who on the SC will be there on Friday?


Bob Sutor
IBM XML Industry Standards Liaison
XML Strategy and Technology

Office 716-243-0788 / Fax 716-243-1778
Cellular 716-317-6899
Pager 1-800-946-4645 PIN # 1473757

Jon Bosak <Jon.Bosak@eng.sun.com>@lists.oasis-open.org on 10/11/99 04:13:15 PM

Please respond to xmlorg@lists.oasis-open.org

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To:   xmlorg@lists.oasis-open.org
cc:   JTREZZO@us.oracle.com
Subject:  Re: XML.org SC mtg Oct.14 and possibly 15th

[Jim Trezzo:]

| I have not heard back from Bob, but I will work under the assumption
| that we will meet on the 14th of Oct. (9-5) and possibly the 15th
| (9-12).  Below are directions to Oracle.  If you are coming from the
| SFO airport, use the from S.F. directions, if you are coming from San
| Jose Airport, use the S.J. directions.

Question for Bob:

Who will be attending on Friday and what do we plan to do with those
people present?


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