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Subject: OASIS / XML.org IP issues

I'm pleased to announce that Harold Anderson will be representing
IBM in the OASIS / XML.org intellectual property discussions. We've
talked about this for some time and now need to take action to put it
on paper/the web. Along with the policies affecting what we put in the
and what we link to, we have to make clear the patent policy for
work done in our working groups. I think we can also agree to an
open source policy at this time to complete the package.

Since we've had such a healthy lead time on this, I want to propose
an aggressive schedule for us to get this finalized. Namely, I would
like to see us reach final agreement by November 12 and have board
approval. This should be all set before the ebXML meeting starting on
November 17.

Harold is committed to other efforts this week, but he will be starting
in on this next Monday. Please line up your internal resources to get
the appropriate people prepped and aware of this effort so we can
reach closure quickly.



Bob Sutor
IBM XML Industry Standards Liaison
XML Strategy and Technology

Office 716-243-0788 / Fax 716-243-1778
Cellular 716-317-6899
Pager 1-800-946-4645 PIN # 1473757

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