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Subject: Re: Populating XML.org

| > The positive news is that the idea of recruiting someone from one of
| > our companies with the skill to both negotiate with schema owners and
| > set up the site, on a basis that allowed that work to be charged back
| > at the rate we would pay a regular employee with this skill set if we
| > could get one, made sense to him.  I think that this is going to be
| > how it actually gets done.
| But aren't *all* of these people going to be overloaded?

Not if we say they're not. :-)

The concept (as I remember it from our meeting) is that we could
simply direct a properly qualified person in our employ to spend a
couple of months on this and charge it back to XML.org as if it had
been two months of work by someone that XML.org was paying as a
full-time employee (or a certain amount of part-time work charged back
proportionately -- you get the idea).

The point is that if we can't find someone properly qualified to hire
as a full-time OASIS employee right now, we can assign people
temporarily from our own staffs (perhaps on a rotating and/or parallel
basis) and be largely if not completely compensated for it from the
funds budgeted for the (temporarily?) nonexistent full-time hire.


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