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Subject: We don't need to do XML.org after all

Check it out: this guy's going to take care of the whole thing for us.

Has anybody heard of Vernon Keenan?



 Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 15:29:15 -0800 (PST)
 From: Vernon Keenan <vern@keenanvision.com>
 To: bosak@eng.sun.com;
 Subject: New XML e-commerce initiative: Transactive Content, Dynamic Pricing, e-Services    

 October 28, 1999

 Dear Industry Colleague --

   Please forgive this intrusion into your mailbox, but I trust you will find
 this valuable to you and your company. My name is Vernon Keenan and I
 operate an Internet market research company called Keenan Vision. We
 specialize in research related to electronic commerce, and I need your help
 with a new project designed to just let everyone get along.

   In order to help electronic commerce progress from humans clicking on web
 pages to where bots and agents are having conversations between themselves,
 I propose we work together to organize a group that promotes the use of XML
 in electronic commerce. The specific areas of e-commerce to be covered by
 this new group could be:

   * Transactive content. XML schemas that support the distribution of
     transactive content that has the ability to complete a transaction,
     including order management functions.
   * Dynamic pricing. Many new pricing mechanisms are being introduced
     into the Internet today, including catalog listings, auctions,
     exchanges and even bots. XML document definitions will play a pivotal
     role in the ability for agents to find information and for pricing
     mechanisms to operate in a machine-to-machine environment.
   * Legacy adapters and e-services. Transforming legacy back office
     systems and non-Internet service networks into a new generation
     of realtime e-services holds great promise as a profitable,
     recurring source of revenue. The network effect of using the
     Internet to acquire new users of e-services such as ERP
     integration, procurement, shipping services, insurance, and
     financial services offers a large market opportunity as B2B
     commerce takes off.

   Keenan Vision is proposing is that the group works to achieve these goals
 within one year:

  1. Create the organization, organize the founding members, establish
     rules and raise enough money through membership fees to fund technical
     and educational programs.
  2. Create a repository used to promote and distribute XML DTDs used to
     access e-services offered by the group members.
  3. Promote XML as the key ingredient to building transactive web sites
     based on e-services, and teach developers how to use e-services through
     the new repository.
  4. Run a continuous educational program of web site content, advertising
     and trade show appearances.

   Currently, I believe the new group should be created under the umbrella of
 XML.ORG, the largest existing independent organization of application
 vendors. XML.ORG has a program where they will put a separate, but deeply
 affiliated, program under their wing and provide all of the legal,
 organizational structure, and repository technology needed to create a
 nonprofit XML organization.

   Under XML.ORG's legal umbrella, the new organization would still have the
 ability to create our own identity, brand and repository. I envision having
 minimal qualifications for including a vendor's XML DTD in our new
 repository. The main technical job of the new organization will be to create
 an ontology, which will dictate the organization of the repository. Member
 organizations will need to structure their XML DTD according to the new
 ontology, giving XML developers a way to find and compare DTDs that have
 similar functionality.

    The first issue we need to deal with is the name of the group. Several
 names have been proposed, but for now this XML commerce project is still
 nameless. If you are interested in participating in the project, I will be
 sending out follow-up correspondence where members can vote and give
 feedback on the name before we choose it. It is likely the organization will
 be known by its domain name, something like *XML*.org.

   Membership in the organization will be at two levels: executive and
 associate. Executive members will pay a higher fee and sit on a committee
 who will govern the expenditures of the organization, elect representatives
 to XML.ORG, and have the ability to enter into contracts and do other
 business on behalf of the members. Associate members will have the ability
 to submit a DTD for consideration into the new repository and will elect a
 technical committee that will review and approve DTDs for inclusion. If you
 are interested in being a member, I will follow up and send you the
 organization's proposed budget and membership fees.

   Any industry organization that is set up to compete with other industry
 members is doomed to fail. The new group should welcome cooperation and
 collaboration with other organizations, including W3C, OAG, OASIS, OMG,
 BizTalk and anyone else who may come along in the future. The attitude
 should be to at the very least have discussions and cross-membership with
 these other organizations, if not outright cooperation and sharing of

   Thank you very much for considering this inquiry. I hope you and your firm
 are interested in being a founding member of this important electronic
 commerce organization. If you are interested please simply reply to this
 e-mail with a quick acknowledgement. If you have more questions please do
 not hesitate to write or telephone.

 Vernon Keenan
 Internet Analyst
 Keenan Vision Inc.
 Phone: +1 (415) 420-2965
 E-Mail: vern@keenanvision.com
 Web: http://www.keenanvision.com/

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