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Subject: UN/CEFACT "straw man" for ebXML

I won't be able to attend tonight's steering committee meeting, but I wanted
to make sure that one of the agenda items was reviewing this "straw man"
agenda and work group plan for ebXML that the UN/CEFACT Technology and
Methodology WG (I'm a member) has hashed out in its own Face to Face meeting
this week. We agreed inside of TMWG that this document would be "officially"
sent to OASIS/xml.org (these UN folks have a lot of process...) but I want
to give everyone as much time to think about this as possible.



Here is the proposed agenda and Project team outline (attached file):


AM: Welcome and Introductions
* Speeches by UN/CEFACT, OAISIS executives and ebXML chair & vice chair
* Short Introduction from each participants (who they are, why they are 
here and what they expect)

PM:  Goals and Issues (could start earlier depending on the length of 
speeches and introduction)
* Outline of the 6 Project teams
* Open discussion about the details (perspectives and goals)
* Participant Presentations of submitted contributions (15-20 minutes each)
    NOTE: Presenters are encouraged to address the work plan of the project 

LATE PM (after 6) Tutorials (optional)
* XML and/or EDI tutorials

AM:  Synthesis of Wednesday's Issues and Presentations session.
* Presentation of the 6 Project teams issues (presenters selected during 
Wednesdays PM session [Possible Project team leaders])
* Identification of who will join which Project team

PM: Working Group sessions
* Identify documents, resources and consortia that can contribute to the
* Identify dependencies with other Project teams.
* Begin developing more precise requirements for the deliverables of the 
Project teams.

AM:  Reports from the working groups, 20-30 minutes each.

PM:  Wrap up.

ebXML Project Teams.doc

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