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Subject: Re: UN/CEFACT "straw man" for ebXML


Thanks for your input, but this should not be on the agenda. In particular,
it does not
talke into account the dozen or so people that I have already invited
and/or scheduled
to give talks. I will take what you have as input into the agenda, but it
will only be finalized
next Monday and Tuesday. All my notes regarding invitations have been sent
to Klaus,
so this should be no surprise.



Bob Sutor
IBM XML Industry Standards Liaison
XML Strategy and Technology

Office 716-243-2445 / Fax 716-243-1778 / Tieline 320-9138
Cellular 716-317-6899 / Pager 1-800-946-4645 PIN # 1473757

Bob Glushko <Bob.glushko@commerceone.com>@lists.oasis-open.org on 11/11/99
02:58:36 PM

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Subject:  UN/CEFACT "straw man" for ebXML

I won't be able to attend tonight's steering committee meeting, but I
to make sure that one of the agenda items was reviewing this "straw man"
agenda and work group plan for ebXML that the UN/CEFACT Technology and
Methodology WG (I'm a member) has hashed out in its own Face to Face
this week. We agreed inside of TMWG that this document would be
sent to OASIS/xml.org (these UN folks have a lot of process...) but I want
to give everyone as much time to think about this as possible.




Here is the proposed agenda and Project team outline (attached file):


AM: Welcome and Introductions
* Speeches by UN/CEFACT, OAISIS executives and ebXML chair & vice chair
* Short Introduction from each participants (who they are, why they are
here and what they expect)

PM:  Goals and Issues (could start earlier depending on the length of
speeches and introduction)
* Outline of the 6 Project teams
* Open discussion about the details (perspectives and goals)
* Participant Presentations of submitted contributions (15-20 minutes each)
    NOTE: Presenters are encouraged to address the work plan of the project

LATE PM (after 6) Tutorials (optional)
* XML and/or EDI tutorials

AM:  Synthesis of Wednesday's Issues and Presentations session.
* Presentation of the 6 Project teams issues (presenters selected during
Wednesdays PM session [Possible Project team leaders])
* Identification of who will join which Project team

PM: Working Group sessions
* Identify documents, resources and consortia that can contribute to the
* Identify dependencies with other Project teams.
* Begin developing more precise requirements for the deliverables of the
Project teams.

AM:  Reports from the working groups, 20-30 minutes each.

PM:  Wrap up.

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