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Subject: Re: XML.org Registry and Repository


This looks great.  Thanks for putting it together.



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   Below is draft of email as promised, sorry a bit later than originally
   anticapted but got dragged into a meeting.  I have included dates --- these
   probably need to be changed - just made a stab.


   Dear XML.org Steering Committee Member,

   We are inviting requests for the development of the XML.org registry and
   repository from the member organizations of XML.org in good standing. The
   registry and repository will be developed based on the requirements and
   specifications outlined in the OASIS Registry and Repository Specification.
   This is considered an initial development of the registry and repository,
   and due to time constraints there will be flexibility in the functionality
   required for this release.  The registry and repository will need to be
   production ready by April 15th, and a prototype should be available for
   review by the XML.org steering committee members by March 20th. 

   Please indicate in your response 
   1. If your organization is willing to commit to the development of the
   registry and repository for XML.org in the timeframe indicated above. 

   2. To what extent your organization would propose to maintain the registry
   and repository (technical support, code maintenance, hosting).

   3. If your organization is not interested in the complete development of the
   registry and repository, please indicate if your organization would be
   willing to partner in the development effort by donating resources and/or

   Responses for consideration should be received no latter than close of
   business Friday, 21st January.  All decisions for moving forward will be
   based on a vote by the XML.org steering committee (single vote per

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