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Subject: XML.org SC voting method

I agreed to look into how we are to manage voting
at XML.org SC meetings, considering the members of
the committee are companies that wish to name reps
to the committee, as is not the case in other OASIS

Jon suggested starting with Robert's Chap 19, on
Conventions.  I agree that's the most relevant 
chapter.  There is also a really useful statement
on p 566, at the end of the discussion of contents
of the Members section of a society's bylaws:

"In a state or national body or a federation, local
units or constituent clubs, rather than individuals,
may be the `members' referred to above."

So corporate membership is okay.  The motion
of the Board establishing the XML.org SC should
therefore incorporate the rules about membership
in the Sponsorship Contract.

It's the discussion of delegates at conventions
that indicates how we should manage voting within
the SC.  The whole chapter envisions delegates being
selected as named individuals by a constituent body,
which also selects named individuals as alternates 
(as many as the rules of the convention allow).  There
are also rules about delegates handing off to alternates,
for which see below.

However, because this chapter is about conventions
of considerable size, most of its specfics are not 
relevant to committee work.  For example, we don't
need a Credentials Committee (although we have to
arrange for its function to be performed; everyone
should read pp. 593-99 to understand why R sets
things up as it does for conventions).  I think that for
XML.org it comes down to this:

 - each member org must name a delegate
 - each member org should name one or more alternates,
	according to rules we'll have to establish as
	to number and precedence of alternates
 - the OASIS Board doesn't have to name these people
	when establishing the SC because it's the
	member orgs that are the members of the
	committee; but the list of delegates and
	alternates must be published to the committee
	before it meets.

Pp. 598-599 are most important.  They deal with the
status and seating of delegates and their duties.  A
basic principle seems to be that if a delegate wishes
to hand over to an alternate, the delegate may not 
return and take up his position again unless a rule
of the committee permits it ("no alternate or other
person can `substitute' for a delegate who remains
registered. ... A delegate's temporary
absence from the convention hall does not entitle
an alternate to make motions [etc.].")

So no tag team during meetings.  For example, if a
delegate wants to leave the room to take a phone call, 
he can either give up his status as representing his org 
at that meeting in favor of his [first] alternate, or leave 
his org without a voice or vote until he returns.  We could
make a rule allowing such behavior, but I think it's good

Finally, under "Duties of Delegates", pp. 598-99, it is made 
clear that a delegate is expected to act as delegate and not
routinely hand over to an alternate.  The underlying rationale
seems to be connected to the duty of a delegate to his org,
but it isn't a bad idea to insist that member orgs replace 
delegates who don't actually perform as such; I doubt
this needs to be made a rule.

However, we are in a pickle wrt orgs that aren't sending
a delegate at all - after all, they paid to join, but in the event
they're making it difficult to convene a quorum.   We might 
want to adopt some rule to deal with the problem, but I don't 
know what it should be.  

regards, Terry

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