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Subject: RE: XML.ORG Sponsorship Agreement

Comments on the proposed agreement:

1.       The Sponsor will have the right to be designated as an XML.org
"Sponsoring Organization", and will have the right to have  its logos
prominently featured at XML.org, on a rotating basis, with the logos of
other Sponsoring Organizations.

-- By any meaning of "rotating basis" this isn't happening now.  IBM's logo
is hardwired in the upper right corner, in the most prominent position, (and
Commerce One is at the bottom).  Could this please be fixed?

2.       The Sponsor will have the right to procure targeted banner ads on
XML.org tied to repository queries and results. 

--This suggests that we have decided that we are having banner ads, and I
don't recall any discussion about that (because I oppose it). I think it is
a bad idea for lots of reasons -- it cheapens what we're doing -- and the
idea of targeted banner ads reeks of privacy complications. Aren't we
already paying  to fund xml.org?

2.       The Sponsor will be required to pay to OASIS an annual XML.org
contribution set by the Steering Committee (and adjusted annually) within 60
days of the execution of this agreement.  

--- Commerce One and perhaps other companies have paid a long time ago, so
this needs to be reworded .  Do you mean "new sponsors when they join"  

The term of this Agreement shall begin on the date both parties of this
Agreement agree on and shall end one (1) year thereafter unless earlier
terminated by either party.  Upon expiration of the initial one (1)-year
term, this Agreement shall renew automatically for successive one (1)-year

--this needs an "opt in" rather than "opt out" -- nothing renews in my
company without an invoice. XML.ORG can send a renewal notice 30 days prior
to the expiration date.

Either the Sponsor or OASIS may terminate this Agreement upon thirty (30)
days written notice at any time in the event of an uncured Material breach
of this Agreement.

--what are examples of Material breaches?  Is failure to rotate sponsor
logos a material breach by OASIS?

bob glushko

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