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Subject: Re: XML.ORG Advisory Committee

Simon wrote:
| Hmmmmm, interesting first point.
| If Michael does wear 2 hats here (Chair and IBM rep), this will result in
| IBM not being able to propose/second motions for committee decision, as I
| believe the Chair is restricted from doing so.
| Further, as Norbert is currently the OASIS CTO, does this mean that he will
| also serve as Datachannel's rep.

It's not obvious to me that Robert's forbids the chair from
proposing motions (Jon, did we deal with this already in
organizing the committee work of Work Process? it rings a bell).

I discover something I didn't know (p 400ff) that "if the presiding
officer is a member of the assembly, he can vote
as any other member when the vote is by ballot ....
In all other cases [he], if a member of the assembly can
(but is not obliged to) vote whenever his vote
will affect the result"  with some interesting remarks
about ties and an admonition that the chair cannot bote

regards, Terry

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