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Subject: Documentum and XML.org Registry and Repository

Some of you may not have seen this.

IBM Corporation - mweiner@us.ibm.com

---------------------- Forwarded by Michael Weiner/Almaden/IBM on
03/10/2000 10:40 AM ---------------------------

"Kearns, Una" <una.kearns@documentum.com> on 02/27/2000 03:00:30 PM

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Subject:  Documentum and XML.org Registry and Repository

Documentum, as you all know, has agreed to build the XML.org registry and
repository and is committed to making the XML.org registry and repository a
success for all concerned.  This as you can all imagine represents a
significant investment for the company.  Documentum is very commitment to
the advancement of XML and specifically the success of XML.org, and is
willing to undertake this investment based on the business terms that we
discussed during the XML.org Steering Committee meetings.  However, we are
very concerned that there has been no formal recording or response from
either XML.org or the OASIS board of any decisions made related to
Documentum developing the XML.org registry and repository.  Outlined below
is our understanding of the business terms of the agreement between
Documentum and XML.org/OASIS related to the development of the XML.org
Registry and Repository.  Before Documentum undertakes any further
investment in this project it is very important that we receive a firm
commitment from OASIS/XML.org to the terms outlined in this email.

Any commitments by Documentum in this email are dependent on SUN providing
certain components of the solution (resources, software, hardware, hosting)
and Oracle Licenses are procured.

Based on the XML.org steering committee meetings, the following is our
understanding of the business terms of Documentum building the XML.org
Registry and Repository solution.

1.   That OASIS agrees/commits to Documentum, with the partnership of
SUN, building the XML.org registry and repository.
2.   That OASIS/XML.org will form the Advisory Council for XML.org (ACXO)
later than 3/1 and that the ACXO will be charged with responding to any
questions/clarifications by the implementation team within 2 business days.
We are unclear whether the ACXO is responsible for sign-off and response or
some "rapid response team".  Where we are saying ACXO we mean the group
responsible for responding, and we need clarification of this.
3.   The functional specification submitted to XML.org for review will be
finalized on Monday 2/27/2000 and sent for sign-off to ACXO, this has
extended the original agreed upon review period by over 1 week.  The
functional specification details the scope of work being developed for the
XML.org Registry and Repository.  No scope changes will be accepted after
the sign-off and OASIS/XML.org cannot reject the resulting system for
lacking any functionality that was not detailed in the functional
4.   That Documentum can market the development of the XML.org registry
and repository (Press Releases, Case Studies, Demos and other such
5.   That Documentum will be featured in all announcements related to the
launch of the registry and repository and a press release will be issued
from XML.org/OASIS stating that Documentum developed the Registry and
Repository - including a quote from Documentum. Documentum must review and
approve all public announcements/press releases where Documentum is being
referenced before public release.
6.   That OASIS/XML.org will use in production the Registry and
Repository we are building.
7.   That Documentum will endeavor to have the site production ready by
May 15th.  That OASIS agrees to move the site into production no later than
14 days after the production ready site is made available.  We feel that
April 15th is far too aggressive for the development of a quality
site considering overall delays in getting this project started and the
scope of work.  Our aim is to have this site up and running as soon as
possible but we cannot commit to a specified date at this point (it will be
in the April/May timeframe). We will keep the ACXO informed of schedule and
expected production dates during the course of the project development.
8.   That OASIS/XML.org will use the XML.org registry and repository
developed by Documentum exclusively in production for a minimum of 3 months
after it goes live.
9.   That OASIS/XML.org will provide the appropriate staff to ensure the
site is maintained appropriately.
10.  That OASIS/XML.org understands that Documentum maintains all IP
rights to any Documentum software used in this project and that Documentum
owns any code developed by Documentum for this project.   OASIS/XML.org
sign a license agreement with Documentum for Documentum Products; this
license will be free of charge.
11.  Documentum understands that OASIS/XML.org owns the rights to the
Registry and Repository specification.

Yours Sincerely,

Una Kearns

Una Kearns
XML Architect
Documentum, Inc.
6801 Koll Center Parkway
Pleasanton, CA 94566-3145

925-600-5426 fax

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