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Subject: Repositories in e-commerce

XML.org folks,

I'm including Dave Hollander of CommerceNet in this mail for
reasons that will become clear toward the end.

After our meeting Friday regarding the XML.org implementation of
the XML registry and repository, I went and found the paper copy
of the slide I was talking about that shows the role of
repositories in the eCo architecture.  It's from a talk by
CommerceNet that I attended in San Antonio a few months ago.

Looking at the slide, I realized that I really ought to redraw it
so that I can fit it into my presentations better (I've had reason
to refer to the eCo architecture in nearly every speech I've given
lately).  So I created a new slide that contains most of the
material in the CommerceNet original but rearranges the elements
and reproduces the type at a size that I think can be read a
little better on screen.  You can find my attempt at artwork at


and a lumpy little bitmap rendition at


I should note that I don't completely understand everything on
this slide, though I believe I've got the general idea.

In my version of the illustration, the OSI-like eCo stack is on
the left and the relevant repositories are on the right.  This
arrangement makes obvious something that's not so evident in the
original, which is that the repository for transactions is
missing.  A couple of the other slides in the CommerceNet
presentation confirm that there should be one in the diagram, but
they don't give quite enough information to reconstruct that box
with confidence.

I don't know whether Dave has time for this, but it would help if
he or someone else at CommerceNet could provide the text that I
should put in the missing box.  Perhaps Dave can come give us a
talk some time on CommerceNet's vision for the kind of repository
we're trying to build at XML.org.

You should also look at this draft in progress of the ebXML


I don't completely understand everything going on in this model,
either, but the slides make clear the enabling role of the

The bottom line in both models is that you can't do business
without a repository and that a repository of document types is
just the ground floor of the eventual structure.


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