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Subject: Re: Some details (was: Re: the simple case and the regrep tech spec)

Jon wrote in response to me:
| | If you recall using Panorama to parse a TEI document, you'll
| | know that successive GETs like this can take a long time,
| | depending on the Web weather.
| Yes.  In a transaction-oriented b2b environment this should work
| pretty well, but it might slow down b2c significantly until we get
| really standardized with the forms.  So people may wish to fully
| expand the schema and point to it as a single object.  It seems to
| me that there might be workflow advantages to tracking a single
| file, too.

Okay in some cases; it forces early binding and does raise some
IP issues, but if those don't apply, there are two problems that
floats to the top of my head:  1) you'd have two functionally equivalent
versions of the same set of declarations, they'd have to have
different identifiers, and an instance that had a DOCTYPE declaration
would be bound to one or the other DTD.  And 2) particularly in
the case of Docbook, constructing a union DTD from the modules
would defeat at least some customization layers.

For Regrep, I think we can just leave this to the SOs to decide
on their own.

| | Yes, you can specify as many relationships as you like.  For some
| | reason the current DTD calls these relationships "associations".
| Well, but...
| What I mean is can you specify how to assemble the schema in the
| right order.  Not in a standard way, it seems (though I can make a
| private convention that the order of related-data-references
| specifies the order in which modules are to be assembled).

There's nothing in the DTDs I wrote that would support ordering,
but we could add it in.  However, I suspect that either there's a 
better way or it's unnecessary.

| ... Actually, there are comments below for Terry.  I will continue
| a response to his original posting on The Simple Case in a
| separate message.

And I'll split off the response to the DTD comments, for which
thanks, Jon.

regards, Terry

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