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Subject: Re: Issue 7. Retraction

Robin asked:
| Why " deposited in error"?  I can think of several reasons for
| wishing to retract an entity NOT because it was
| "deposited in error".  Does this language imply that there
| is only one legitimate grounds for retraction, and that
| the SO must certify the reason for retraction?
| > "It may be desireable to allow an SO to request the retraction of 
| > an entity deposited in error."

Good catch.  That was the scenario envisioned when I captured this

There is a difference between retraction and retirement, I think;
the latter is a 11179 term, meaning (part 6, 6.3) "A recorded,
certified, or standardized data element is no longer used after
having been marked as `phased out' [deprecated, I guess; should
add that status value] for a period of time as prescribed by
the appropriate RA."  I've provided for retired-by-ra and
retired-by-so (administrative-status-list.ent).  It's not
clear from 11179 whether a retired data element should persist,
or only its metadata.

Retraction is removal of the entity and, I think, its 
publicly visible metadata.  I should think that the SO may
retract for any, unstated, reason.

regards, Terry

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