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Subject: RE: Status and 1 year plan

Title: RE: Status and 1 year plan
Una et al. -
I think it might be best to first have a conf call to begin outlining a one year plan and then possibly schedule a f2f to follow up and work out specific action items - and also to meet new members.
Right now the Sept 18th also works for me... So let's tentatively schedule the conf call for Monday, Sept 18th at 11:00 AM Pacific Time. Please respond to confirm if this date is acceptable.
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From: Kearns, Una [mailto:una.kearns@documentum.com]
Sent: Friday, September 01, 2000 5:00 PM
To: Simon Nicholson; Brian Eisenberg; acxo@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: Status and 1 year plan


I follow Simons sentiments -- thanks for getting this rolling.

The 18th is also good with me.  I actually think it would be worthwhile to schedule a face-to-face, we have a lot to cover and we also have many new members who we have not met.   I could host it here at Documentum if that works for all.


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From: Simon Nicholson [mailto:simonn@eng.sun.com]
Sent: Friday, September 01, 2000 3:28 PM
To: Brian Eisenberg; acxo@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: Status and 1 year plan

Thanks for providing the stimulation - I agree that we should reconvene,
and start moving forwards again.  I am not available next week, and have
limited availability the following week.  Can we schedule something for the
week of 18th (Thursday am is currently open).


At 08:51 01/09/00 -0700, Brian Eisenberg wrote:
>Hi all -
>Recently, I've been asked by several people what the plans are for XML.org
>over the next year. At the time, I couldn't provide them with a concrete
>answer. Given that, I think it would be beneficial for us to come up with a
>detailed one year action plan for XML.org. I suggest that the ACXO hold a
>conference call to discuss this, and other issues. Anyone else interested in
>having this discussion? If so, I will volunteer to arrange the conference
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