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Subject: Minutes of the ACXO (XML.org sponsors) meeting 2001.04.30

Minutes of the ACXO meeting 2001.04.30


   Simon Nicholson and Jon Bosak, Sun Microsystems
   Franz-Josef Fritz and Sinisa Zimek, SAP
   Michael Weiner, IBM
   Una Kearns, Documentum
   Brian Eisenberg, DataChannel
   Leo Kraunelis and Carol Geyer, OASIS

Jon Bosak was appointed chair pro tem for the meeting.

Regarding current plans to revise the XML.org site, the ACXO
wishes to advise the board as follows:

1. We recommend that the direction of XML.org reflect the
   direction described in the original announcement of the

2. We recommend that XML.org provide the primary interface to the
   Cover Pages.

3. We recommend that XML.org resources be devoted to building out
   the XML.org Registry; specifically, we recommend that XML.org
   implement an ebXML reg/rep with hooks to UDDI this year.

4. We recommend that XML.org focus on industry verticals, not on
   XML itself or XML technology in general.

5. In particular, we recommend a focus on XML content
   standardization efforts.

6. We recommend a return to the description of XML.org as the "XML
   Industry Portal" rather than the "XML Community Portal".

7. We recommend the implementation of links from XML.org back to
   OASIS TCs and associated reference implementations in order to
   promote the OASIS technical work.

8. We request that a project plan to carry out these
   recommendations be published to the ACXO.

9. We recommend that the launch of the new XML.org be postponed
   until the ACXO can review the site after implementation of
   these recommendations.

10. Process detail: the ACXO needs to know its currently designated
    voting membership.

The next ACXO meeting will take place 9-11 a.m. PDT 24 May 2001 by
phone conference.

   dial-in number 601 352 8646
   participant code 313 755



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