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Subject: Registry

Hi Everyone,

At the e-Gov conference yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with some
of the people at NIST who are involved in the development of pilot
registries for several government applications.

They are very willing to share with us lessons learned in implementing both
the OASIS and the ebXML specs.  In fact, I believe they're doing a lot of
early work in implementing a converged version of both specs.

We didn't have the opportunity to get into much detail, but I would
encourage the appropriate members of the ACXO, Leo and/or other resources
identified to talk with Lisa Carnahan and Lynne Rosenthal.  Mark Skall, a
Director at NIST, presented lots of good registry info on my panel at e-Gov.
There is great interest in this topic, not only within the government.

Seems logical to pool knowledge and -- perhaps -- resources in order to
achieve economies of scale and expedient implementation.


Laura Walker
Executive Director
+1 978 667 5115 x201
+1 978 667 5114 Fax

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