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Subject: RE: [amqp-bindmap] Groups - Minutes of May 7, 2013 AMQP BINDMAP TC uploaded

Fellow AMQP BindMap TC members,

    As Steve mentioned in Tuesday’s meeting notes (below), I took the action item of documenting the WebSocket Binding design with AMQP frame to WebSocket message alignment.


    Though I was not on the call, I understand that this is one potential design direction and we should validate the approach through implementation and interoperability testing.


    Attached is an in-progress draft documenting this direction.  I’d welcome feedback via email.


Thanks very much—

--Rob D.



(from Minutes of Tue, May 7, linked below)

5. Progress on Websockets (David Ingham) David not present. Rob Godfrey described the April 24 conference call where AMQP and Websockets frame/message alignment (or not) was the main subject. For now, continue assuming they would be aligned but stay open to changing that after more experience with implementation and interoperating. Rob Dolin indicated he plans to meet today with David Ingham and continue to document the current state of thinking and design.



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Sent: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 8:27 AM
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Subject: [amqp-bindmap] Groups - Minutes of May 7, 2013 AMQP BINDMAP TC uploaded


Submitter's message
This will be voted on at the May 21 meeting. Please send corrections to me.
-- Mr. Steve Huston

Document Name: Minutes of May 7, 2013 AMQP BINDMAP TC

No description provided.
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Submitter: Mr. Steve Huston
Group: OASIS Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) Bindings and Mappings (AMQP-BINDMAP) TC
Folder: Meeting Notes
Date submitted: 2013-05-07 08:26:35


Attachment: amqp-wsb-v1 0-wd01 2013-05-09.doc
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