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Subject: OASIS AMQP 2012 Planning: Technical Work Streams



OASIS AMQP Member Section:


At the foot of the email there are details about possible OASIS AMQP technical streams which could be taken forward in 2012.


What I would like from each of you is to respond with your thoughts and comments on the proposed list.  I also need you to respond with what deliverables you may be able to volunteer your time and effort to take forward.


Required responses to the following questions:-

·         What do you believe are the OASIS AMQP 2012 priorities?

·         Which initiatives do you wish to volunteer to drive a working group forward?

·         Which initiatives do you wish to volunteer to participate in a working group – [1]this maybe a single component of a group which has a wider scope?

·         Is the list inclusive off all deliverables which we are aware of?


[1] Please not that you can volunteer to drive forward a single component which contributes to the overall scope of a technical (sub)committee.  Please identify the single component and the stream concerned.


If you could respond to me with your thoughts and responses I will collate and share with the member section at a future OASIS AMQP Member Section meeting.  Currently this is being scheduled to be discussed at the member section meeting dated the 14th of December.

We can then priorities and take forward technical streams based on those responses.


Please respond to me directly by COB Friday: 12/09/2011.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.


Regards, Laurie


Stream               High Level Description                           Finer Grained Detail

Stream 1:             Quality Assurance                                            Interoperable Testing, Conformance  Testing

Stream 2:             API Bindings                                                       JMS, WCF, _javascript_, SOAP

Stream 3:             Distributed Transactions

Stream 4:             Transport Bindings                                          HTTP, websockets, UDP

Stream 5:             Standard node semantics                             Defined node behaviour

Stream 6:             Broker Management Monitoring

Stream 7:             Federation                                                          Global addressing, DNS service records etc

Stream 8:             Filter Syntax

Stream 9:             Security                                                                Transport, message, node security


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