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Subject: AMQP Member Section Action Group: initiation and call for participation

Hello to all members of the OASIS AMQP member section

During the last steering committee call of the member section, we discussed how to deal with activities which are important to the AMQP program.

The "Focus Group" (Laurie, Angus, Robert, Ram, and me) reported on its insights and proposal for change of the mode of operation.

Besides the well running technical committee, which is on track producing an OASIS specification, other areas have been neglected so far
(marketing, web site maintenance, conference preparation, discussion on what to standardize beyond the core protocol etc.).

We identified two major reasons;
firstly, the impetus of last year is missing, when the AMQP Working Group aimed for finalization of the definition of the 1.0 core protocol and its contribution to OASIS;
secondly, the strict structure of the steering committee meetings, which are, in addition, also taking place too frequently, is perceived as too formal.

Therefore, we proposed to the steering committee (StC) to establish a member section action group.

Every member of the member section can join this discussion and action group anytime (and leave it at any time).
Since the group is not an OASIS structural element (i.e. no committee), it cannot decide on issues that have to be approved by the StC like authorizing expenses or approving TC affiliations.
The group acts as discussion platform, triggers actions of individuals or subgroups; it may spawn special interest groups (as we did successfully in the past) and coordinates its activity with the marketing subcommittee.

Those steering committee members attending the StC meeting on Wednesday, February 15th, concurred with this proposal.
Thus, I will reduce the StC meeting frequency and we will initiate the action group.

The group meets every Wednesday at the well known time (11 a.m. Eastern, 16:00 UTC).

Every 4-6 weeks this time slot will be used by the StC to allow decisions and approvals, which have to be conducted according to the OASIS rules. A StC meeting will be announced in advance.

For the time being, we will use the same dial-in as for the StC; please see the calendar entry of the last StC meeting:


PS: Laurie volunteers to organize the action group :-)  Please see her mail below

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[amqp-sc] AMQP Member Section Action Group

We are looking to establish a member section action group.  This group will meet weekly on Wednesday’s.
First meeting…Date: Wednesday the 22nd of February at 4pm.
The purpose of the action group is to create a forum where we (everyone who is passionate and involved in AMQP) can discuss the priorities and activities which are important to the AMQP program.   We hope to establish by way of this forum an opportunity for people to air their views, debate tough decisions, contribute ideas and suggestions and crucially make things happen.
The group will have a little structure in terms of publishing notes and tracking any actions etc.  We can use the AMQP member section email lists to communicate.  However, the meetings themselves will be less formal, hopefully creating an atmosphere where we have engagement from all interested parties and progress matters to ensure activities get done.
Please do come along and participate.  If you have any topics which you would like to raise and share prior to next Wednesday, then please feel free to respond to this email.
Regards, Laurie

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