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Subject: AMQP Extension Registries

There has been discussion on establishing a process by which AMQP 1.0 extension mechanisms get added to the registries held at amqp.org.  This has been discussed at the Member Section Action Group, and the following process has been proposed:


We suggest that there should be two distinct mechanisms, one for the registration of extensions under a vendor’s own domain (using their IANA enterprise number for the numeric identifier, and their domain name for the symbolic identifier), and a separate process for the use of the AMQP domain (numeric id 0, symbolic amqp).


The registration of extensions does not imply any sort of “blessing” on the part of the AMQP Member Section, or OASIS... it is simply provided as a resource to allow for information about extensions to be shared.  Vendors may implement extensions and choose not to register them.


For the first case we believe the process should simply be that the member wishing to register the extension should mail the Member Section with the details of the extension.  Other members should then have 2 weeks to raise any objections.  Only two types of objections will be considered - 1) that there is insufficient documentation an end-user or another implementer to know how to use the extension or 2) that the extension is essentially identical to an existing extension


For extensions in the amqp (numeric 0) domain - we believe that these should only be added as the result of the work of a TC and a formal vote on a proposal.  Work in progress in a TC may be registered while the work is ongoing, but a warning that the details of the extension are subject to change should appear next to the registration details.



All thoughts/comments on this proposed process would be appreciated,




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