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Subject: Re: [amqp-ms] Re: [amqp] Request to add filters to public registry

Why are these connection capabilities and not link capabilities?

I can easy see having a solution that, for example, bridges STOMP or MQTT; consequently, the supported filter kinds on one link would differ, and clients could easily connect to such a broker without having to support the full gamut.

Raphael Cohn
Chief Architect, StormMQ
Secretary, OASIS AMQP Standard
StormMQ Limited

UK Office:
Gateshead int'l Business Centre, Mulgrave Terrace, Gateshead, NE8 1AN, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 845 3712 567

Registered office:
16 Anchor Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0JY, United Kingdom
StormMQ Limited is Registered in England and Wales under Company Number 07175657

On 11 April 2012 16:19, Gordon Sim <gsim@redhat.com> wrote:
On 04/11/2012 04:00 PM, Godfrey, Robert X wrote:
I would like to propose add the following three filter types to the registries, along with an associated connection capability

       <type class="composite" name="amqp-direct-filter" source="string" provides="filter">
               <descriptor name="apache.org:amqp-direct-filter:string" code="0x0000468C:0x00000000"/>
       <type class="restricted" name="amqp-topic-filter" source="string" provides="filter">
               <descriptor name="apache.org:amqp-topic-filter:string" code="0x0000468C:0x00000001"/>
       <type class="restricted" name="amqp-headers-filter" source="map" provides="filter">
               <descriptor name="apache.org:amqp-headers-filter:map" code="0x0000468C:0x00000002"/>

The amqp-direct-filter string is used as an exact character match on the "subject" field of the properties section of a message.
The amqp-topic-filter string is used as a pattern match against the "subject" field using the syntax defined in AMQP v0-8, v0-9, v0-9-1 and v0-10
The amqp-headers-filter contains a map which matches against the application-properties map in the manner defined for arguments in binding to a headers exchange in AMQP v0-8, v0-9, v0-9-1 and v0-10

I would propose a connection capability of


to denote the support of these filter types.

Obviously the intent here is to support legacy v0-x AMQP binding models behind an AMQP 1.0 front end where the consumer creates a receiving link from a node which represents an "exchange" in a legacy AMQP v0-x broker.

I agree with the intent. However I'm not so sure its a good idea (a) to use 'amqp' in 'vendor' extensions and (b) to use 'amqp' unqualified for legacy support for pre 1.0 concepts.

What about simply: subject-filter-exact, subject-filter-hierarchical and properties-match-filter? They would potentially be applicable even in implementations that were not based on the old pre-1.0 concepts.

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