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Subject: Re: [amqp-ms] RE: [amqp] Request to add filters to public registry

On 04/11/2012 04:48 PM, Godfrey, Robert X wrote:
I agree with the intent. However I'm not so sure its a good idea
(a) to use 'amqp' in 'vendor' extensions and (b) to use 'amqp'
unqualified for legacy support for pre 1.0 concepts.

I understand the concern, however these are designed solely to be use
as the basis for heritage AMQP mappings.  For a more general exact or
pattern matching scheme I would choose a different syntax. I'd
happily add "LEGACY_" before AMQP or "V0.X_" to distinguish these as
pre-1.0 concepts if people prefer that.

I would certainly prefer that and it would alleviate my concerns.

What about simply: subject-filter-exact,
subject-filter-hierarchical and properties-match-filter? They would
potentially be applicable even in implementations that were not
based on the old pre-1.0 concepts.

These are reasonable names, my main concern with this route is that
it points to a somewhat verbose approach to filtering where we would
define multiple filter types for each field of the standard message
structure (content-type-exact, content-type-filter... etc.).

That certainly wasn't the intention of the suggested names - I merely wanted to avoid the use of amqp and choosing a name that described the semantics rather than the heritage was the first thing that occurred - but I accept the point.

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