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Subject: Proposed charter for new AMQP Bindings and Mappings TC

I have boiled down Gordon's suggested version and adapted it to the latest submitted charters for other OASIS TCs.

The reference to the IPR policy has been updated to the actual one (2012.06.21),
which is a minor clarification - see Scott's mail on 2012.05.22:
Here is my diff of the actual and the previous IPR policy versions:

Open are just:
- Do we want to list anticipated contributions (need to be publicly available)? [I propose to omit them since any document can be contributed after TC formation]
- The Convener
- Date of First Meeting
and finally the list of Proposers of the TC.

Any comments?

Lets discuss on next MS action group or Steering Committee call (Wednesday).


<amqp-ms@lists.oasis-open.org> wrote on 01.08.2012 19:45:24:

> On 08/01/2012 03:43 PM, Godfrey, Robert X wrote:
> > I guess my questions on this (and the re-chartering of the “core” TC)
> > are to what extent we can leave the charters more open ended. The
> > proposed mappings and bindings TC charter attempts to be open to future
> > work while defining the boundaries of “mappings” and “bindings”, but
> > still appears to restrict the scope to a define set of bindings an
> > mappings in some places “(JMS, WCF, SOAP, SCTP, and WebSockets
> > bindings)”. This is further muddied by phrases such as “Out of scope:
> > Any feature not mentioned in the Scope of Work section is deemed to be
> > out of scope”, and “Once the TC has successfully produced the
> > [explicitly listed] deliverables, the TC will enter into a maintenance
> > mode”.
> I also think a more open ended charter is preferable; a clear
> description of the general category of work perhaps illustrated by - but
> not limited to - a couple of examples.
> It's more important to constrain the nature of the solutions (e.g. the
> use of standard extension registries, maintenance of semantics for the
> performatives defined in the core etc) than to provide a detailed scope
> up front.
> The work actually conducted will rightly be in those areas for which
> sufficient interest can be mustered to get proposals made and shepherded
> through discussion towards a vote.
> Just as a suggestion on approach, I've attached a modified version of
> the draft in which sections c and d are edited to make clear the more
> open scope. Section b is already very good I think. (Apologies if my
> editor has messed up the formatting in anyway!)
> [attachment "AMQP Bindings Technical Committee Charter
> DRAFT_v_0-01-1_gs.docx" deleted by Andreas Moravec/DBS/GDB]
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