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Subject: AMQP Wikipedia entry and StormMQ


the AMQP Wikipedia entry should reflect the true status of AMQP 1.0. The list of AMQP 1.0 broker and client implementation should therefore only contain those broker/clients which have been officially released. This is not the case with StormMQ. I'm not aware of any requests for interop testing from you nor were you able to participate in any demo (we're just working to prepare another one, btw).

It is now the second time that I had to clean StormMQ from the 1.0 broker list and the outdated libamqp from the client list of the AMQP Wikipedia entry. This page is not your free advertising spot for your non-existing product.


Andreas Mueller
IIT Software GmbH, Bremen/Germany

IIT Software GmbH
Fahrenheitstr. 1, D28359 Bremen, Germany
Tel: +49 421 2208-166, Fax: +49 421 2208-167
Amtsgericht Bremen, HRB 18624, Geschaeftsfuehrer: Andreas Mueller
Steuernummer: 71/572/04100, VAT: DE199945912

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