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Subject: RE: [amqp-bindmap] [JMS Mapping] Initial Kick-off meeting


just to remind anyone who a member of the Bind-Map TC and is interested in the JMS Mapping to fill out the doodle poll.  

I'm not sure how doodle handles timezones, but for the avoidance of doubt the times are either 3pm,4pm, or 5pm UK Time (which would 10am,11am,12pm Eastern Time) on the suggested days.

Note also I have corrected the Wiki page to be on the AMQP Bindmap TC page:



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Subject: [amqp-bindmap] [JMS Mapping] Initial Kick-off meeting


apologies for the delay. As per the discussion at our previous TC meeting, I want to hold the initial meeting to discuss the JMS Mapping work.

I've created the following doodle poll to help us try to find a time convenient for people within the next week:


I've also started up a wiki page for us to try to clarify the scope and start working out some of the details of the mapping:



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