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Subject: Baseline statement of the relationship between AMQP and MQTT

John and I worked closely with Alex K. to get this quote honed to properly position MQTT as a technical standard that works within a single domain of authority versus a standard that addresses exchange of messages between and within domains of authority.

Proposed Charter for MQTT TC was sent on 14-Jan-13 by Chet Ensign of OASIS

The following text is in section 2(a) of the proposed charter:

The OASIS AMQP Technical Committee has released a specification that
provides for transaction and publish & subscribe messaging between
autonomous businesses, departments and applications using an open protocol
for enterprise middleware.  This MQTT TC complements the AMQP TC by
providing a means by which sensors, control systems, embedded systems and
mobile devices can publish and subscribe low-level, technically-orientated
data. There is natural affinity to bridge MQTT with AMQP, so as to connect
telemetry with enterprise applications.

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