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Subject: RE: [amqp] Re: [amqp-bindmap] Raw notes from AMQP Redmond workshop

Moving member section and core TC to BCC as this is a bindmap topic.


Hi Raph,


We considered mapping AMQP frames to Websocket frames but ruled it out primarily because different hops in a multi-hop Websocket chain could use different frame sizes. For example, an intermediary may read a Websocket message that is split over two frames and send it on re-encoded in to 1 frame or 3 frames. Because of this there’s no way to know what AMQP frame size should be negotiated to ensure that it could safely be transmitted in a single Websocket frame. We took advice on this from several folks who worked on the spec and they all made the same recommendation that we should map AMQP frames to Websocket messages.


All - I’ve sent out a meeting request for a Websockets discussion next Wednesday at 9am Pacific time. I’ve only included those folks that I know are interested in contributing to the spec. If you don’t see the invite but would like to attend then ping me. For those of you interested in reviewing the resultant spec, hang on a while, we’ll have a dedicated review when we have agreement on direction between the authors.




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Subject: [amqp] Re: [amqp-bindmap] Raw notes from AMQP Redmond workshop




Thankyou. Regarding websockets, I'm very worried that you want to map AMQP frames to websocket frames. This makes it impossible for anyone to then use one of the many tcp to websocket gateways, so reducing interoperability, and requiring deep broker integrations, etc. In some ways this point mirrors the discussion we had about TLS in AMQP. It does slightly complicate writing a js client, but very very slightly (one has to hold onto the last few bytes in a buffer and append them to the next buffet). Frankly, given that it's very hard to write a js client in any event, this is exceedingly minor.


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On 18 Apr 2013, at 00:09, David Ingham <David.Ingham@microsoft.com> wrote:


> A few folks have asked me for my notes from the Redmond workshop that was held back in February so here they are attached. They are a little raw I'm afraid. There is reference to the AMQP management spec in these notes. Rob Godfrey, Rob Dolin and I have been iterating on that quite a bit since the workshop and I suspect that we'll have something to distribute for review within the next couple of weeks.


> Thanks,

> Dave.

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> <2013.02-AMQP-TechnicalWorkshop-Redmond-Notes-Public.pdf>



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