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Subject: Update on AMQP Marketing



As mentioned previously we have established a group who are focussing on the program for improved marketing of AMQP.   The group have just recently formed so if you wish to join and help in this effort then please do reply.  


I wanted to provide a brief update on our work to date, as you may start to see some emails being published onto the lists.  I will also send through the notes/minutes of the small number of meetings we have had so you are fully aware of our discussions.


We began by discussing what the goal(s) of such a group should be and what the scope of effort needed to be in order to execute against the goals.


Marketing Group Goals: [Previously issued for comment]


Primary Goal: Drive awareness and adoption of Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) amongst software engineers, architects and IT decision makers across industries


G1.1: Aggregate and promote linked assets of value across AMQP

G1.2: Build community and peer groups across the software engineering, architects and IT decision maker communities

G1.3: Raise awareness of latest news, and updates affecting AMQP through the website announcement feature

G1.4: Maximise the vendor and user AMQP member organisations, marketing capability

G1.5: Provide an infrastructure offering which underpins the awareness and adoption program

G1.6: Facilitate the technical adoption of AMQP within the software engineering and architecture communities.

G1.7: Facilitate the adoption of AMQP by IT and Business decision makers


We then discussed a roadmap of initiatives which collectively will execute to achieve the stated goals.


The identified initiatives which we have kicked off to deliver against the goals are:-

·         Better utilisation of our Product/News Announcements feature on the public AMQP site

·         Raise awareness of the vast array of AMQP products and projects; Project/Project Directory on the public AMQP site

·         Improve the navigation of the AMQP site “Information at your finger tips”

·         Collating inventory of all known “outlets” for AMQP news; twitter, linkedin, news boards etc

·         Engage with the technical committee to understand how we facilitate the adoption of AMQP


If you want to get involved then you can by either sending through your feedback and suggests or why not join us.


Regards, Laurie


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