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Subject: Meeting Invitation: AMQP Business Messaging Requirements Meeting.



We would like to extend, an invitation to an AMQP meeting we are organising for Wednesday the 13th of November at 11am EST.   The primary focus for the meeting will be to...

“Reaffirm, Refine and Expand on the AMQP 1.0 Business Messaging requirements” and to provide an opportunity for the “User” organisations to share their AMQP experiences


The meeting is open to all members within the OASIS AMQP member section.  However, given the primary focus is towards business requirements and user stories there will be a natural bias towards the “user” organisations within the community.


The meeting will be one hour in duration and the calendar invitation will be issued shortly after this email.  Additional information is provided below in order to frame the meeting in terms of drivers, and intended scope and objectives.


In order to understand how many participants are intending to come along, and to allow me to send the conference dial in details, could I request that you respond directly to me confirming your intention to attend.


Regards, Laurie



AMQP Business Messaging Requirements Meeting   (AMQP V1.0 Business Messaging Requirements attached to this mail)


What are the drivers behind the meeting?

·         Provide a forum where we are able to reaffirm, refine and expand the AMQP business requirements

·         Provide a forum where we are able to identify new requirements

·         Provide a platform and forum for the “user” organisations to share their perspective on the progress and status of AMQP

·         Share our AMQP experiences


Who is the audience for the meeting?

·         Open to all the OASIS member section.  The primary focus is towards business requirements and user stories and therefore there will be a natural bias towards the user community.


What are we hoping to achieve?   [Will be depend on how much information organisations are able to share]

·         Discuss the business requirements and discuss a model for change management going forward

·         Understand the success stories of organisations which have implemented AMQP within their organisations

·         Share knowledge and information between organisation who have transitioned to AMQP with those who desire to transition to AMQP

·         Understand where the challenges are for those user organisations adopting AMQP

·         Discuss whether this would be a useful forum to meet on an agreed cadence


What would the success criteria be for the first meeting?  [Minimum bar for the first meeting]

·         Good attendance

·         A meeting which exhibits positive contribution and vibrancy

·         Reaffirmation of the business messaging requirements

·         Agree to continue the forum


This email is confidential and subject to important disclaimers and conditions including on offers for the purchase or sale of securities, accuracy and completeness of information, viruses, confidentiality, legal privilege, and legal entity disclaimers, available at http://www.jpmorgan.com/pages/disclosures/email.

Attachment: AMQP Business Requirements.pdf
Description: AMQP Business Requirements.pdf

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