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Subject: Standing rule to allow electronic voting

As we discussed at the inaugural TC meeting on Oct 14th, this TC (Technical Committee) will meet every other Tuesday starting 25 October, so we can make steady progress in advancing the AMQP 1.0 specification to an OASIS Standard. While meeting every other week is essential to make progress, it would also be useful for us to adopt a standing rule in this TC that would allow us to make decisions (via email and electronic ballots) in-between regularly scheduled TC meetings.


I suggest that we adopt such as standing rule (along the lines as detailed below) during one of our upcoming TC meetings.

  1. In accordance with OASIS Technical Committee Process 2.13, the OASIS AMQP TC allows motions to open electronic ballots to be made, seconded, discussed and voted on over the TC's mailing list.
  2. The OASIS AMQP TC Chairs are allowed to hold electronic ballots via the TC's mailing list or via the TC's electronic balloting capability.


Such a standing rule would allow us to make continued progress in-between regularly scheduled TC meetings and avoid having to wait until a regularly scheduled TC meeting to make decisions.


Please let me know if you have questions or comments.




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