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Subject: No TC meeting on July 17, 2012

At the previous TC meeting (July 10, 2012), we agreed to hold a TC meeting on July 17th only if there is a need.


Status check:

·       The Special Majority Ballot to approve AMQP 1.0 Committee Specification is currently on and ends on 18th July. More than 2/3rd’s of the voting members have already voted YES.

·       The chairs will send the instructions for preparing statements of use shortly.


Given the status above, there is no need for a meeting on July 17th. Hence, the meeting on July 17th is cancelled.


The TC will meet next on July 24th (once the Committee Specification ballot is over) and discuss the next steps:

·       Review Statements of Use [on-point: TC members who are willing to provide statements of use]

·       Prepare Candidate OASIS Standard package [on-point: Editors]



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