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Subject: Update on publication of AMQP Candidate OASIS Standard

As you may have already noticed, the AMQP TC unanimously approved the Candidate OASIS Standard last week. The Committee Specification is expected to be published in the document repository today. The Candidate OASIS Standard is expected to be published tomorrow and the 60-day public review is expected to start soon after. You can tell a lot has been moving behind the scenes in the last 10 days to get the documents published; the TC admin and the editors have been quite busy!


Here is the expected timeline:

·       Aug 13

o   Committee Specification is published in the document repository

·       Aug 14 through October 14

o   60-day public review

·       Oct 15 – Oct 29

o   Assuming there are no public comments, 14-day OASIS wide membership ballot for final approval

·       Oct 30

o   AMQP 1.0 OASIS Standard published!


Next meeting:

·       Given the ongoing progress with the production of AMQP 1.0 OASIS Standard, there is no immediate need to meet to discuss the AMQP 1.0 production. However, you may be aware that the ongoing discussions about expanding the scope of this TC’s charter to work on other AMQP core specifications. I will post a revised proposal to re-charter this TC in the next few days and it would be good to discuss it further and decide on the next steps we need to take to move the proposal forward. I anticipate that we will likely need to meet as early as next week or shortly after to finalize the details of the proposal and take the necessary next steps. I will send out an agenda for the TC meeting soon.



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