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Subject: Notice: Core TC meeting schedule in advance of the vote to advance AMQP 1.0 forward to ISO/IEC JTC1



We are approaching a two votes to approve taking the OASIS AMQP 1.0 specification forward to the ISO/IEC JTC1. The first ballot, a electronic Special Majority Ballot, is in the AMQP Core TC. The second is the Member Section Steering Committee approval;  done via a motion during the meeting (requiring a simple majority). The plan is to conclude both ballots in May.


Given the protracted gap in the AMQP Core TC meeting schedule this spring, it was determined on the Member Section call yesterday that it would be beneficial to hold two Core TC meetings in advance of the vote to ensure that everyone has the ability to regain their voting rights in advance of this significant ballot.


To this end the AMQP Core TC will meet next week on 23-April and again on 30-April.


We ask that all AMQP TC members attend these two meetings in preparation for advancing OASIS AMQP 1.0 as an international standard. Please note well that if your voting rights have lapsed you must attend both meetings to regain voting rights. If you are currently a voting member you should attend at least next week’s meeting to retain voting status. If you are unsure of your voting rights or meeting attendance, please see:



Please contact the TC chair, Ram Jeyaraman, with any questions.


Warm regards,


John and Matthew

Meeting Schedule:

23 April 2012 @ 10am ET  (a specially planned meeting – Bind/Map TC will start 30 minutes later) 

30 April 2012 @ 10am ET (the regularly scheduled meeting for the Core TC)

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