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Subject: Re: [amqp] Groups - linkpair uploaded

Thanks Keith,

I have (as you may have seen) raised JIRAs for these issues.

-- Rob

On 23 March 2017 at 11:39, Wall, Keith <keith.wall@jpmorgan.com> wrote:

Hi Rob,


I think the document looks good.   A couple of minor comments:


1)      In section 1 you discuss some of the problems that lead us to link-pairs.    One important design consideration was the need for a system that worked with signed message (content/properties including the reply-to).  I wonder if there is value bringing this out in section 1 too.

2)      We don’t state the behaviour if the reply-to property is something other than $me. Would requests messages carrying an arbitrary reply-to addresses (or no reply-to addresses) be permitted on paired links?  I can’t find a reason to disallow them, but think it should be explicit.    

3)      Footer – I note that the date in the footer is inconsistent with the front page.


Kind regards, Keith.


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Sent: Friday, March 10, 2017 9:49 AM
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Subject: [amqp] Groups - linkpair uploaded


Submitter's message


After the last TC meeting a number of us agreed to go away and try to make some progress on the various work streams that we have outstanding. One of the building blocks that a lot of the other streams were waiting on was a definition of how to do direct request-response messaging without requiring an intermediary.

After some discussions amongst the interested parties we came up with the idea of "link pairing" which is described in this document.

I have a number of other documents that I'll be putting out over the next week or two. Please send any comments/suggestions to this list. I'll aim to set up regular TC meetings once everybody's clocks are in sync again :-)

-- Rob Godfrey

Document Name: linkpair

AMQP defines links as unidirectional transport for messages between a
source and a target. A common messaging pattern is that of
"request-response", that is, two parties partaking in a bidirectional
conversation using messages. This document defines a common pattern for
pairing two unidirectional links to create a bidirectional message
transport between two endpoints.
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Submitter: Rob Godfrey
Group: OASIS Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) TC
Folder: Working Documents
Date submitted: 2017-03-10 01:48:07


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