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Subject: Re: [REMINDER] [POLL] Scheduling AMQP TC Meeting

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the poll.

Unfortunately (although not really unexpectedly) there is not a single time which everyone can make - the best that can be achieved is 8 yes, 2 maybe and 2 no.  Looking at the available options, and trying to make sure we get representation from as many firms as possible (and also wanting to avoid having to wait another two weeks before having a call), I'll schedule the meetings on alternate Fridays at  4pm UK / 11am Eastern US starting this week (5 / 5 - without requiring US/rest of world disambiguation :-) ).

Apologies to those who can't make this time... we can always revisit this in a few months to see if we can find a better compromise.

-- Rob

On 27 April 2017 at 16:32, Rob Godfrey <rgodfrey@redhat.com> wrote:

thanks to everyone who has indicated their availability so far.

I'll be closing the poll at the end of day tomorrow, so if you want your availability to be taken into account please make sure you respond by then.

I'll send out the recurring invite sometime over the weekend.  Note that if it turns out that the best slot for people is on Mondays then I will not schedule a meeting for next week as Monday 1st is a public holiday in many countries (including my country of residence :-) ).

Thanks again,

On 24 April 2017 at 18:29, Rob Godfrey <rgodfrey@redhat.com> wrote:

it's been a while, but I think now that we have a number of documents starting to make progress, it is time that we restarted our regular TC calls.

Historically we have alternated weeks between the AMQP TC and the AMQP BINDMAP TC.  Since the AMQP BINDMAP TC had their call today, that would mean that we would be looking at next week for the AMQP call.

We have participants across a wide range of timezones, and it may be impossible for us to find a time which is going to work for everybody.  Historically we have scheduled the meetings towards the end of the day in (Mainland) Europe and the very beginning of the day in the West Coast of the US.

I have set up a poll here:

where people can indicate their availability at 4pm/5pm/6pm CEST (7am/8am/9am PDT).  Note you should be marking based on your general availability on that day of the week, not necessarily next week specifically (for instance, for a lot of us  next Monday will be a public holiday).

Once it looks like we have a large enough number of people who can make a given timeslot, I'll set up the meeting in the OASIS system, and send out dial-in numbers.

I look forward to speaking to all of you again soon,

-- Rob

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