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Subject: Re: Meeting schedule of AMQP TC?

Hello Rob,

thank you for your kind words but no offence was taken on my side.

We all contribute as individuals (regardless of our affiliation) and we 
all deal with our lives outside of OASIS, which varies in intensity.

To be clear: It was only the situation, I sensed as contrasting with 
my perception of the potential of this group.

As I am an "Individual" member, I think it would be best, if I try to 
carve out some additional "slack" in my time schedule and hereby 
offer to act as a secretary (but *not* as co-Chair) to this TC.

I hope some person affiliated with the vendors offering or using 
AMQP will be nominated. I for one would instantly nominate Brian, 
but I think he does currently not have this extra time to spend here 
in that role.

So, dear members, early solid nominations for co-chair would IMO 
be a good harvest of this week.

PS: Please accept any European bluntness you detect in this mail 
as being purely accidental ;-)

All the best,

Hi Stefan (and other TC members),

I completely agree with you that there is a lot of interest in the work of the TC, and that we would be much better served if we were more able to hold regular meetings and energetic in tracking progress on work items.  I can only apologise to the group (once again) that for various reasons over the last few weeks I have not been able to chair the TC call as scheduled.

As such I would very much welcome adding a co-chair to support me in managing the TC and ask anyone who would be interested in taking on such a role to nominate themselves via an e-mail to this list.  


On 25 September 2017 at 14:03, Mr. Stefan Hagen <stefan@hagen.link> wrote:

    Dear members,

    the current perceived situation in the AMQP TC makes me worry, that we might have hit a deadlock due to lack of chair resources (maybe an additional co-chair could help)?

    I suggested this some weeks (or months ago) and would like to support the TC in finding ways out of the sequel of cancelled meetings into again meetings taking place and work to be discussed.

    I sense some stark contrast between the interest in the issues and general topics I perceive and the lack of meetings / discussion as a group.

    But it may only be me, so I send this message in the hope the interested parties jump into the light, resolve the perceived issues, or correct my perception.

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