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amqp message

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Subject: AMQP roadmap blog post

Hi Rob, Hi AMQP TC,


I’ve put together a draft for a blog post about the AMQP Roadmap based on the current specification backlog. It’s a brief history of how we got here and then explains the major specs in the backlog in context.


Feedback will be very welcome; if someone thinks the content is madness please raise an objection. I might just put this up on my blog and LinkedIn, and it might also make a good initial post for the planned new site.




Thank you




Clemens Vasters

Messaging Platform Architect

Microsoft Azure

È+49 151 44063557

*  clemensv@microsoft.com   
European Microsoft Innovation Center GmbH | Gewürzmühlstrasse 11 | 80539 Munich| Germany
Geschäftsführer/General Managers: Keith Dolliver, Benjamin O. Orndorff 
Amtsgericht Aachen, HRB 12066



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