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Subject: Addressing Scope Identifiers and Anonymous Terminus

When a scope identifier is used in an link target address and I try, for instance, to attach to “target:(example.com)”, I’m practically asking for a link route to example.com’s anonymous terminus. Thus, implicitly, for a container that supports routing, any scope-identifier maps to a logical routing node.


Now, when I finally get to example.com, “target:(example.com)” isn’t describing the anonymous terminus because the address isn’t empty.


Because in AMQP 1.0 2.6.3, the target is explicitly permitted to update the properties of a link as it sends its accepting attach frame, I now plan to mandate in the addressing spec that containers that claim ownership of a given scope-identifier always strip that scope identifier from the updated link properties as they respond to attach.

That then results in “target:(example.com)” turning into “target:” and is therefore the anonymous terminus.






Clemens Vasters

Messaging Platform Architect

Microsoft Azure

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*  clemensv@microsoft.com   
European Microsoft Innovation Center GmbH | Gewürzmühlstrasse 11 | 80539 Munich| Germany
Geschäftsführer/General Managers: Keith Dolliver, Benjamin O. Orndorff 
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