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Subject: Correct behavior for link source with filters applied?

The core spec is silent on what the expected behavior is for links with applied filters.


I’m looking at wire traces of Qpid JMS interacting with ActiveMQ during the Qpid JMS tests and there specifically at this here:




The runtime behavior with the queue appears to be that ActiveMQ instantly skips messages that don’t match the given filter and doesn’t block on a message that’s ahead of messages matching the filter.


Doesn’t that imply that the filter is used as a feature of the backend rather than of the link, i.e. the queue acting like a topic rather than a queue?


For a queue, I would expect that competing consumers become eligible for getting a message when it is their turn, and then there’s a decision for whether that message is indeed transferred based on the filter and otherwise that consumer yields its turn. In this particular test, the queue should therefore block.



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