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Subject: Final(?) review of the Addressing doc

Hi all,

took another look at the addressing draft thisÂmorning. In general all looks good, only two things worthy of comment

Reviewing the latest addressing draft.

1. Need to update the references to related specs to Committee Spec or later versions

2. Section 2.3 : Scopes

Scope identifiers follow DNS naming conventions, but they do not have to be registered in DNS and they donât have an associated IP address. They are just names describing logical realms in a system, and the DNS-like structure helps expressing hierarchical relationships.

We should probably be explicit that one should only define a scope with the agreement of the registered owner of the DNS domain name

-- Rob

Red Hat GmbH, https://de.redhat.com/ , Registered seat: Grasbrunn,Â

Commercial register: Amtsgericht Muenchen, HRB 153243,

Managing Directors: Charles Cachera, Brian Klemm, Laurie Krebs, Michael O'NeillÂ

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