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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: Enigma Completes Acquisition of Inso Corporation's Technical Publ ishing Business

-----Original Message-----
From:	Anne Shannon [SMTP:AnneS@enigma.com]
Sent:	Monday, November 01, 1999 10:39 AM
Subject:	Enigma Completes Acquisition of Inso Corporation's Technical 
Publ	ishing Business

This press release crossed the wire at 9:50am.

Enigma Completes Acquisition of Inso Corporation's Technical Publishing

DynaWeb/Text and Synex Now Included in Enigma's Comprehensive e-Publishing
for e-Business Product Offering

Burlington, Mass., November 1, 1999 -- Enigma, Inc., the leading provider 
intelligent content publishing for the Web and offline media, announced
today that it has completed the acquisition of Inso Corporation's
DynaWeb/Text and Synex product lines.  This acquisition further 
Enigma's commitment to providing customers with a comprehensive 
solution for e-business.

The technical publishing component of Inso's Product Data Management
division was purchased for approximately $15.5 million in cash and
assumption of liabilities. Two-thirds of the payment was completed on
October 29, 1999, the remaining third will be paid within the next 180 
The transaction was a stock purchase between Enigma Inc. and its affiliate
Enigma Information Systems Ltd. of all the outstanding stock of Inso's
subsidiaries, Inso Providence Corporation and ViewPort Development AB of
Stockholm.  In support of the transaction, Enigma has also completed a
follow-on round of financing from BankBoston, GE Equity, Walden Funds and

 "We are looking forward to establishing a positive and mutually 
relationship with DynaWeb/Text and Synex users," noted Jonathan Yaron, 
executive officer at Enigma.  "Our goal is to ensure that their 
requirements are fulfilled, and that we deliver a compelling offering of
complementary technologies that enables them to succeed in e-business,
specifically the B2B e-commerce of spare parts.  We feel strongly that we
have the right team to support the DynaWeb/Text and Synex customer base 
plan to visit all active customers over the next few months."

As part of our commitment to meeting all of our new customers, Enigma will
sponsor a user group reception at the XML '99 conference in Philadelphia
this December.  For more information, or to register to attend the
reception, please contact Enigma's marketing team at info@enigma.com.

About Inso

Inso Corporation is a leading provider of solutions for the management,
exchange and dynamic delivery of critical business information. Inso's
award-winning technology enables large corporations to manage, exchange 
publish all types of information, from the simplest memo to the most 
multimedia document. For more information, visit the Inso Web site at

About Enigma

Enigma, Inc. (http://www.enigma.com) is the leading provider of 
content publishing solutions to corporate, government and commercial
publishers.   The company's flagship product, INSIGHT, fully automates the
publishing process by turning electronic source documents into intelligent
electronic publications for simultaneous distribution on the Internet and
CD-ROM.  Enigma's knowledge management solution, Xtend, enables the
customization of these publications by allowing end-users to seamlessly 
their own information to the original data.  Typical applications of 
include technical documentation, reference publications, electronic
textbooks, policy and procedure manuals, and catalogs.  Enigma's rapidly
expanding list of customers includes GE Aircraft Engines, United
Technologies, Rolls-Royce, Rolls-Royce Allison, GaSonics International, 
and Standard and Poor's.  Enigma is a privately held company, 
in Burlington, Mass. with offices in London, Paris, Munich, Amsterdam,
Toronto, Tokyo and Tel Aviv.


Anne Shannon
Enigma Inc.
781/273-3600 x3606

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