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Subject: OASIS WANTS YOUR FEEDBACK: Make Your Suggestions for Improvements to The XML Cover Pages!

NOTE: THIS MESSAGE FROM cover@oasis-open.org

Dear Reader,

OASIS requests suggestions from you for the improvement of
one of the Web sites it hosts: "The SGML/XML Web Page" 
(recently renamed "The XML Cover Pages").  This OASIS
Web site (http://www.oasis-open.org/cover/) has now
acquired resources to assist in technology upgrades so that
the content is more usable to the readership.

The committee requests your candid, constructive criticism
of the Web site in order to guide a revision effort:

1.  Which features of the Web site make it most attractive
    to you as a user? [If you use the site, why?]

2.  What changes/improvements can you suggest to make the
    Web site more attractive and beneficial to you in your
    work?  [If the site frustrates you or fails to meet
    your needs, why?]

Your response will be taken seriously, and will be deeply
appreciated by the review committee.  Please direct responses
via email by November 13, 1999 to the Web site editor
(Robin Cover) at cover@oasis-open.org.  Alternately, if you
prefer anonymity, send email to the OASIS Program Director
(Carol Geyer, geyer@oasis-open.org).

Thank you for your participation in this review process.

Best wishes,
Robin Cover

Managing Editor, The XML Cover Pages
Organization for the Advancement of 
Structured Information Standards

	OASIS				http://www.oasis-open.org
	XML.org			http://xml.org
	THE XML COVER PAGES	http://www.oasis-open.org/cover/
	CGM Open	            http://www.cgmopen.org

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