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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: Extensibility Releases XML Authority 1.1

From: margot carmichael lester <margot@thewordfactory.com>
Organization: the word factory

For Immediate Release

Extensibility Continues to Rule the XML e-Business Vocabularies and 
Grammar Space; Releases XML Authority 1.1

Industry leading XML schema solution provides interoperability across all 
major schema dialects and enhanced functionality for building and managing
e-business vocabularies and grammars.

Chapel Hill, N.C. - (November 4, 1999) - Extensibility, Inc., today 
announced XML Authority 1.1, a major upgrade to the industry leading XML 
schema design conversion and management solution. XML Authority is 
currently used by thousands of organizations to build XML based e-business 
vocabularies and grammars. The acceleration of e-business depends heavily 
on the use of XML schema to ensure the integrity of automated transactions 
and information interchange.

"XML Authority 1.1's support for all major XML schema dialects provides 
users much needed interoperability as XML becomes the mainstream means for 
e-business content exchange," said Reid Conrad, president and CEO of 
Extensibility. "We will soon be complementing XML Authority 1.1 with 
automated Internet-based processors for e-business rules validating and 

Major enhancements to XML Authority 1.1 include:

* Interoperability across all major schema dialects including DTDs, 
Microsoft's XDR and BizTalk-compatible framework, Commerce One's SOX 
Versions 1 and 2, and XML schema.
* User-definable metadata importers enabling users to define reusable 
converters for existing applications and facilitating migration to the 
* Batch language access enabling application integration within XML-based 
development environments.
* Module-level schema support enabling workgroups to integrate schemas to 
create complex vocabularies.
* Point-and-click editing of the schema from the Visual Schema(tm) 
* Schema enhancements and navigation are accelerated with the intuitive  
 interactive interface.
* XML Authority is available on the Windows 98 and NT platform, as well as 
UNIX, Linux and the Mac OS.


"XML Authority 1.1 utilizes an extensible architecture to maximize schema
applicability," said Lee Buck, CTO of Extensibility. "We have begun to 
expose our MetaSchema(tm) framework which will provide organizations and 
Industry groups unparalleled capabilities in expressing e-business 
standards and methodologies."

Pricing & Availability
 XML Authority 1.1 is available for immediate download from 
http://www.extensibility.com/.  Licensing is available for single-users 
($99.95) and in multi-user x-Packs (5-user $449.95; 10-user $849.95; 
50-user $3995.00).

About Extensibility, Inc.
Extensibility, Inc., (http://www.extensibility.com/) is the leading 
provider of enabling technologies for XML schemas.Thousands of 
organizations, including industry initiatives such as BizTalk 
(http://www.biztalk.com/), FpML (http://www.fpml.com/) and Acord (http:  
//www.acord.com/) use XML Authority to build Internet-ready business and 
industry vocabularies for next generation e-business applications. 
Extensibility is a strategic partner with leading companies such as 
Microsoft (MSFT; http://www.microsoft.com/), CommerceOne (CMRC; 
http://commerceone.com/), OneSoft (http://www.onesoft.com/), Quark 
(www.quark.com) and PriceWaterhouseCoopers 
(http://www.pricewaterhousecoopers.com/). Based in Chapel Hill, N.C., the 
company was founded in 1998 and is a member of the W3C Schema Working 
Group and OASIS.


Extensibility and XML Authority are trademarks of Extensibility, Inc.
All others are properties of their respective holders.

For more information:
Reid Conrad, CEO

Suite 250, 200 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC  27516
Telephone: 919.969.6500                   Facsimile: 800.854.6683
www.extensibility.com 	    http://www.extensibility.com/

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