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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: XEDI Gains Additional Endorsements from Industry Experts

For Immediate Release

XEDI Gains Additional Endorsements from Industry Experts - XML
Representation of EDI Endorsed by Cameron Consulting

McLean, VA - (November 9, 1999) -- Cameron Consulting, a market analysis and
consulting firm specializing in the researching of critical computer
technology areas, today endorsed XMLSolutions’ XEDI (zee-dee) approach to
the XML representation of EDI (electronic data interchange) documents.

“XEDI leverages information inherent in EDI itself, providing a base on
which to build more complex applications in the future while providing full
EDI support today.  Further, XEDI can take EDI and map it to the format of
any of the other standards currently under development today, such as
RosettaNet or cXML.”, stated Debra Cameron, President, Cameron Consulting.
“While alternative approaches to XML/EDI struggle to support the hundreds of
transactions available in X12 and EDIFACT, writing DTDs for each
transaction, XEDI is designed to support the entire X12 dictionary and the
entire EDIFACT dictionary with a single 30-line DTD.”

Cameron continued, “XEDI is hard in only one sense. When much time and
energy has been devoted to solving a complex problem in a complex way, it is
difficult to put that investment aside long enough to weigh new ideas.
Everyone involved in XML e-commerce standards development today should take
the time to fully consider XEDI.  It is a truly elegant solution to the
XML-EDI problem.”

“We continue to see an outpouring of support for the XEDI approach as it
solves one of the leading problems of integrating legacy systems with
e-commerce and the Internet,” stated Kevin Kail, CEO, XMLSolutions.

Information on the XEDI approach to XML representation of EDI is available
to the general public at http://www.xedi.org and is an open source, open
definition project.

About Cameron Consulting

Cameron Consulting is an independently owned consulting and market analysis
firm specializing in researching critical areas of computer technology and
applying that information and its implications to the needs of the business
community. Since 1987, Cameron Consulting has produced timely reports about
the computer industry as well as articles, documentation, brochures, and
technical books.  The goal of Cameron Consulting is to provide businesses
with quality, unbiased information on which to base strategies about
emerging technologies.

For more information contact Cameron Consulting, 18916 Blue Heron Lane,
Gaithersburg, MD.  Phone:  240.632-0785.  Email:  deb@camconsulting.com;
Web:  http://www.camconsulting.com.

About XMLSolutions Corporation

XMLSolutions enables customers to painlessly and profitably expand their
existing EDI implementation to non-EDI trading partners through EDI-XML

Leveraging products and consulting services, XMLSolutions also allows
customers to:
·	Manage XML application development and deployment through DTD/Schema
management and programming utilities.
·	Rapidly implement XML Application Integration (XAI) initiatives through
custom application development using leading-edge products.
·	Enable legacy systems and data to participate in the e-commerce

XMLSolutions is headquartered in Northern Virginia, with offices in Chicago,
New York, San Francisco, Bangalore, India and The Hague.  For more
information, contact XMLSolutions Corp., 7929 Westpark Drive, Suite 100,
McLean, VA 22102. Phone: 703.506.1111; Fax: 703.556.9602.
Email:walters@xmls.com; Web:http://www.xmls.com.

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