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-----Original Message-----
From:	Michaela Zeuss [SMTP:mzeuss@mfi.com]
Sent:	Thursday, November 11, 1999 4:51 PM
To:	lawalker@oasis-open.org
Subject:	XML - vendor-sponsored industry study

At Miller Freeman and CMP we understand the many challenges
organizations face as they make technology decisions that impact how
business is conducted enterprise wide. The right decisions enable
competitive advantage. The wrong decisions can significantly hinder a
company's success. With access to more than 65 high tech magazines,
subscriber lists and attendee lists of CMP's and Miller Freeman's key
industry shows, our research results help our clients to leverage
technology innovation to establish and maintain leadership positions in
the high tech industry.

The Interactive Business Intelligence Unit (IBIU) is the pre-eminent
industry and market research division of CMP and Miller Freeman, Inc.
specializing in the following markets: Software Development, Systems,
Channel, Linux and Computer Telephony.

IBIU delivers value to its customers through the following research

1. Vendor-Sponsored Industry Survey

Provide your company with maximum branding and gain industry insights:

   * Be part of our frequent industry surveys
   * Proprietary questions embedded in survey
   * Online surveys aimed at selected target groups
   * Participation encouraged through compelling incentives
   * Survey results provided in print and online
   * Survey sponsors receive advertising opportunities,  including
     banners and logo
   * Sponsor mention in press releases and ongoing public relations


The Interactive Business Intelligence Unit (IBIU) will survey a
pre-selected target group on their concerns about XML including:

   * Application Integration
   * E-commerce
   * Is the open environment ending the era of proprietary, monolithic
     and costly e-business web sites?
   * Which of the different organizations will determine the
     standard/specifications of XML?
   * and more

Miller Freeman Inc. and CMP, in association with Mediamark Research,
Inc. is conducting the industry survey: "The Adoption of XML among the
Corporate Developer". The names of the participants will be pulled from
random sampling of targeted Miller Freeman/CMP publications.

The survey will be electronically administered, via the web, for quick
turnaround of results. An e-mail invitation to participate in the study
will be delivered to over 7,000 qualified candidates, and includes a
compelling cash incentive, which will be raffled off to one of the
participants. The final report will be an analysis of the answers to
each question. The report will be delivered in print and online and will
be promoted for 90 days on the web.


Once the study is complete, we will administer the following promotions:

   * Press Release distributed by PR Newswire.
   * Rotating banners promoting the study included in various Miller
     Freeman / CMP online properties.
   * Inclusion in e-mail newsletters


The Sponsorship Packages are as follows:

Number of Sponsors             Price per Sponsor
Number of Proprietary Questions per Sponsor
$19,000                                                               7
$13,000                                                               3
$9,500                                                                2

Sponsorship also includes:

   * The opportunity to provide proprietary questions to be inserted
     into the survey.
   * 2 Copies of the printed report.
   * Company logo and 25 word company description to be included in the
     printed report.
   * An online banner from the sponsor surrounding the Software
     Development (sdmag.com) link to the study.
   * The sponsor logo included in the "Thank You" mailing to all
     respondents of the study.
   * Sponsor mention in press releases and ongoing public relations.

We also offer various other custom research programs including the

2. Customized Research: Quick Surveys

Our Custom Research programs combine IBIU's research expertise and the
knowledge to provide specialized research on an as-needed basis. The
Quick Survey programs allow our clients to work with us accessing key
subscriber lists with their questions. Together with our statistical
analyst and industry experts, we can help our clients with the questions
and/or choosing the correct format to ensure statistical accuracy. The
survey is conducted online. The client can ask between 5 and 20 multiple
choice or yes/no questions (depending on the program). An email
invitation, which includes an embedded URL of the survey, will be sent
to a pre-qualified list. A compelling incentive is provided to encourage
participation. Our client receives analyzed, tabulated results in print
and online.

a) Quick Survey - $15,000

   * Five  multiple choice or yes/no questions
   * E-mail invitation with embedded survey URL sent to 5,000 targeted
     MFI/CMP participants
   * Expected minimum response: 400

b) Quick Survey Plus - $25,000 - $35,000

   * Ten - twenty multiple choice or yes/no questions of your choice
   * E-mail invitation with embedded survey URL sent to 6,000 - 8,000
     targeted MFI/CMP participants
   * Expected minimum response: 500 - 600

c) Phone Surveys, Focus Groups and more...

When quick turnaround is required, IBIU delivers. The average turnaround
for an industry study is 4-6 weeks. IBIU is making it easier for high
technology companies to obtain the latest information needed to gain a
competitive advantage.

If you have any questions, please contact Michaela Zeuss 415.905.2296 or 
at mzeuss@mfi.com.

Thanks and best regards,
Michaela Zeuss
Miller Freeman Inc. / CMP Media
P: 415.905.2296
F: 415.905.2239

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