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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: Netfish Technologies Delivers EConcert Software for RosettaNet Implementations

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From:	Kinghorn, Gary [SMTP:gkinghorn@netfish.com]
Sent:	Monday, November 22, 1999 4:05 PM

Netfish Technologies Delivers EConcert Software for RosettaNet

New Netfish XDI System Enables Companies to Rapidly and Cost-Effectively
Implement RosettaNet Standard with Trading Partners
SANTA CLARA, Calif., November 17, 1999 -Netfish Technologies, Inc. 
today that the release 3.0 of its XDI(tm) family of products now fully
supports the current version of the RosettaNet e-commerce standard and now
represents the industry's most complete and cost-effective RosettaNet
solution available. RosettaNet is the leading industry standards body and
consortium dedicated to the development and deployment of electronic
commerce partner interfaces to align the business processes within the IT
and electronic components supply chain industries. Most of the RosettaNet
members have committed to an aggressive implementation and deployment
schedule for at least one Partner Interface Process (PIP) by 2/2/2000.
Netfish also announced that the XDI system is going to be licensed at no
charge to RosettaNet members for the duration of the EConcert phase, when
members are prototyping implementations in anticipation of a February 2,
2000 schedule for deploying production systems. In addition, Netfish
provides a freely available client-side implementation of RosettaNet for
trading partners, allowing Netfish customers to quickly bring their 
partners online without additional cost.
"The successful deployment of RosettaNet standards for e-business requires
new and innovative software solutions," said Fade Chehade, chief executive
officer of RosettaNet. "We believe the freely available Netfish XDI Client
software will greatly facilitate the widespread adoption of the RosettaNet
"With most of the RosettaNet members targeting a roll-out by 2/2/2000, we
are providing the fastest, easiest to deploy and most economical solution
available," said Gary Kinghorn, Netfish director of marketing. "With out
freely available client side software for trading partners and no-cost
EConcert trial program, we believe we can offer customers the lowest risk
while ensuring interoperability with all other RosettaNet solutions on the
Netfish XDI 3.0 supports the current RosettaNet RNIF 1.1 and all of the
currently released PIPs for procurement and new product introduction.
Netfish differentiates itself from other competitors with the most
comprehensive and highly scalable solution for RosettaNet.
About RosettaNet
RosettaNet is an independent, self-funded, non-profit consortium dedicated
to the development and deployment of standard electronic business 
to align the processes between supply chain partners on a global basis.
Launched in June, 1998, RosettaNet is currently in the pilot 
phase of e-business process interface standards for electronic components
(EC) and information technology (IT) industry members who manufacture,
distribute, integrate, resell, support and use products in these supply
chains. The pilot phase is scheduled to conclude in February of next year
when participants will link full production systems.
More than 60 companies representing $600 billion in annual revenues
currently provide the mandate for RosettaNet's standards development
strategy. A complete list of the member companies and more information on
RosettaNet can be found on the World Wide Web at 
The Netfish XDI System
The Netfish XDI System is a complete B2B solution businesses can use to 
a competitive advantage through operating efficiencies by unifying their
partners' business processes, enabling them to communicate transparently 
securely over the Internet and automating complex workflows across
organizations. Based on the rapidly emerging XML standard, the lingua 
of e-commerce, and written in Java, the Netfish XDI system goes far beyond
existing XML-based e-commerce solutions by quickly integrating with 
enterprise applications and data and making it easy to coordinate and
automate the complex B2B transactions for core business processes between
trading partners with different applications, formats and systems.
About Netfish Technologies
Netfish Technologies is a leading provider of XML-based 
e-commerce solutions. Netfish services customers, such as Cisco Systems, 
a range of industries including IT, semiconductor, and manufacturing.
Netfish was selected as one of the "Top 4 Most Innovative Solutions" on
Oracle Applications and one of the "Top 50 Overall." Founded in 1997,
Netfish is based in Santa Clara, CA. Netfish is available on the World 
Web at <http://www.netfish.com/> or via email at info@netfish.com

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