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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: Chrystal Software Announces Content Management for XMetaL(tm)

From: Nancy Mumford <NMumford@chrystal.com>
To: "'announce@lists.oasis-open.org'" <announce@lists.oasis-open.org>
Subject: Chrystal Software Announces Content Management for XMetaLT
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 10:39:57 -0800

Chrystal Software Announces Content Management for XMetaL(tm)

Solution Provides End-to-End Support for XML-based Web Publishers

San Diego, CA - November 24, 1999 - Chrystal Software, a Xerox New
Enterprise Company, today announced full support for XMetaL(tm), SoftQuad
Software Inc.'s award-winning XML authoring tool. XMetaL(tm) has been
integrated with the company's product line and represents a significant 
by Chrystal Software into the Web-publishing arena.

XMetaL is an advanced XML authoring tool that delivers unprecedented ease 
use to authors, while shielding them from the complexities of XML. A
familiar word processor-like environment makes XMetaL a broadly deployable
solution that drastically reduces training and implementation costs. 
creating content for technical publications, content management, knowledge
management, on-line publishing, or other applications that could benefit
from XML, content creators love XMetaL's ease of use and IT professionals
appreciate its simple deployment capabilities.

"The combination of SoftQuad and Chrystal Software products is a great 
in many ways," commented David Lonsdale, President and CEO of Chrystal
Software. "We both focus on lowering the total cost of ownership by
providing ease of setup and use. The combination also provides the 
adaptability to change that is inevitable on the Web."

By generating XML at the source, XMetaL streamlines the publishing process
and virtually eliminates the high costs of ongoing document conversion.
XMetaL is easy to use, powerful, broadly deployable, and can easily
integrate into existing document-publishing systems, making it the perfect
solution for authoring digital content. XMetaL recently won the Web'99 Web
Tools Awards' Outstanding Product of the Year in the Authoring Tools

Chrystal Software is a leading provider of XML content management 
The company's products have supported XML - both well-formed and 
- since the standard was first introduced in early 1998, and supported its
predecessor for many years prior to that. XML content is securely stored,
with access controls, versioning and metadata assigned at the element 
Key capabilities of the solution include real-time assembly of XML content
for custom delivery and fast adaptability to change.

The integration of SoftQuad and Chrystal Software products streamlines the
creation, management and maintenance of XML documents. Documents opened
using the XMetaL menu bar are automatically checked out of Chrystal
Software's content manager. Once changes are complete, the document is
checked in and content is versioned at the element level. Changes are
immediately available to others.

"As one of the early leaders in content management, Chrystal Software has
continued to innovate and add value for its many customers," commented
Roberto Drassinower, President and CEO of SoftQuad. "The tight connection
between our authoring tool and their content management system provides
significant value. We are pleased to partner with the company to meet the
demands of the Web management marketplace."

About SoftQuad Software Inc.
SoftQuad Software Inc. is a leading provider of award-winning,
standards-based Web publishing solutions targeting electronic publishing,
e-commerce, and knowledge management applications for corporations and web
professionals. XMetaL 1.0 is an advanced, simple-to-deploy XML content
authoring solution that delivers a familiar word processing-like 
allowing mainstream users to easily create XML Web content. HoTMetaL PRO 
enables users to quickly and easily create, publish, and manage
sophisticated web sites.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with European operations based in 
SoftQuad is a founding member and active participant in the World Wide Web
Consortium (W3C), the Organization for the Advancement of Structured
Information Standards (OASIS), and XML.org.

About Chrystal Software
Chrystal is a member of Xerox Technology Enterprises, a business 
arm of Xerox Corporation chartered with the identification, development, 
successful commercialization of new technologies. The company has a
worldwide presence with partners in key markets and customers in 
aerospace, telecommunications equipment, publishing and other industries.
Chrystal's customers maximize the value of their information assets and
achieve real benefits in improved time to global market, simultaneous
distribution to the Web, paper, and CD-ROM, and delivery to markets of 

# # #

Nancy Mumford, Chrystal Software (619) 676-7791, nmumford@chrystal.com

Jonathan Sachs, SoftQuad Software (416)-544-9000, jonsa@softquad.com

Copyright 1999, Chrystal Software, Incorporated. All rights reserved. All
brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their
respective companies.

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